Winter thoughts…

A sunny winter morning can, any minute, be ruined by the darkest clouds. But sometimes I believe, that the hope and conviction with which a kid playing outside on a sunday morning looks up in the sky, not blinking even for a second, praying badly to the gods to let him play a few minutes more… that’s what makes the clouds fly away, taking the dark curtains off the sun’s glow.

Does hope really work? Is there something like a strong wish? So strong that it makes the bad turn good, just by wishing? Is there a direct connection between the true wishes deep inside our hearts, and the supreme power?


Irony… isn’t it?

It is difficult sometimes to interpret the difference of feelings you feel when you are on the top of the world, or at the lowest low. The numbness in your mind, the blank look in eyes, the lost feel of what’s happening around you… it all matches creepily! Its like your mind just stops accepting anymore happiness or anymore setbacks! Weird how two extremely opposite situations can at times lead to the same reaction for a human brain.


I miss her…

… She was a source of love and affection to all of her generations. A source of inspiration for everyone who knew her. A source of hope, that things will be alright, even when she was admitted to the hospital for the nth time! And all she would say when we asked how she was, was ” Main theek hoon “. Be it after an operation, a surgery, or a painful checkup. I dont ever remember seeing a frown on her face. Anytime anyone went to meet her, she would be ready with her warm smile to greet you.

I miss her. A lot. Its been a month and 4 days today. A new year has started. But I am still not used to living without her. And I guess I never will know how to do that. She is in my every thought. In my tears and in my smiles. I wonder what my grandfather must be going through every day, every moment. He was used to her presence, since years and years. I cant see her empty bed. So cant he. I wish some people could live forever!


Love Marriage?… Or Arrange?

We’ve all heard about love at first sight. And lately, it has become a common phenomenon too. And why not? With everyone becoming more and more conscious about their physical appearances, almost every girl today looks prettier than the other one, and every boy handsome and more well-groomed than the other. And with everyone looking good, every first sight you see is a pleasant one, leaving the eyes of the beholder smitten with puppy love.
So does that mean love today has become shallow enough to just happen by looks. Does that mean love at first sight phenomenon is now completely dependent on how one looks on their first date, or randomly bumping into a complete stranger? Or maybe its the demands of the youth today that has changed. Today, rather than knowing a person inside out before falling in love, they prefer to go in for the prettiest in the lot, or the most handsome one perhaps!

But really, have the requirements changed so much? Do people today need just arm candies, and not life partners? Does the compatibility factor not fit in with this scenario? Or maybe that’s not needed anymore too. And what about those who have a set criteria about the girl or boy they wanna take home as a partner? Whom would they introduce to their parents? Mere arm candies wont work for them. So what would they do? Probably go one step ahead and try finding someone who matches their parent’s criterion of a perfect partner for their son or daughter, as well as act as an arm candy wherever need be. Probably for a dinner with friends, or to the boss’s party as well. Which means such a partner would have to not only look good to be fallen for in the first go, but would also have to match up to the set criteria of the people back home. Coz in India, they still have the final say. And in such a country, when young boys and girls fall in love, its much more than just love. It’s a tactful way out of an arranged marriage.

But what these young ones don’t realise is that, although they succeed in getting married to the ones they love, it’s still not a love marriage! It’s just another form of arranged marriage.
The difference is, that this is a marriage they’ve arranged for themselves. But well, that’s the best you can get in the name of a Love marriage in a country still clutching to some of the long-lost traditions.

Anyhow, I would like to put back the spotlight on those who finally got married, arranged or love, they don’t really care right now. They’re just happy to be together, finally, and forever! But what would happen to them here onwards? Why am I asking this? Because someone has to! They would get one another… true! But would it be easy for them to get love from every other relation in the family? Would the girl be welcomed? Would the boy, who has promised her the world, be accepted by his own family easily?
Someone once told me Marriage is like a minor earthquake. It shakes everyone’s world, but eventually people do tend to get settled afterwards. Do people actually get settled together so easily… or is it just easier said than done? Take a while and think about it!