Not so deep… but worth a thought!

Throwback to something I once wrote…

Serene Depths

Can two strangers be soul mates?
or do friends become better lovers?
Is it a different lane altogether?
Should lovers also be best friends to one another?
And what if they’re not?
What if they’re just lovers and not friends?
Does such a system work?
Does such a system make a relationship work?
What if they love one another but are different when it comes to living life?
Does true love honestly overcome all the differences?
Can it bridge the gap between two different people?
Their different mindset?
Their different habits?
Their different approach to life?
Can it?
Does it?
Or is it asking too much out of love?

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Marriage… And unwanted perks of it!

I don’t know whether it’s just the lack of space sometimes, or lost sense of self, that overcomes me. Especially, when I’m surrounded by husband’s family.

I feel this never ending need of saying things up front, putting words to my thoughts, saying what I want to, out loud, or maybe just – stop judging me, stop judging my house, stop judging my kid, stop telling me what to do and what not to, stop talking behind my back…. Yep! That says it all.

I don’t wanna come across as an insensitive woman who doesn’t care about anyone. I just wanna say – I wanna live my life my way, and just coz I’m married to your son, or your brother, it doesn’t give you an automatic right to start guiding me towards what you think is a better way to live!

Is that too much to ask for?