Not so deep… but worth a thought!

Throwback to something I once wrote…

Serene Depths

Can two strangers be soul mates?
or do friends become better lovers?
Is it a different lane altogether?
Should lovers also be best friends to one another?
And what if they’re not?
What if they’re just lovers and not friends?
Does such a system work?
Does such a system make a relationship work?
What if they love one another but are different when it comes to living life?
Does true love honestly overcome all the differences?
Can it bridge the gap between two different people?
Their different mindset?
Their different habits?
Their different approach to life?
Can it?
Does it?
Or is it asking too much out of love?

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3 thoughts on “Not so deep… but worth a thought!

  1. Good questions that I’m sure have been asked by many. I believe there needs to be a certain amount of common ground, at least for me. It seems that good relationships complement each other. We are attracted to people who have things we want, like assertiveness or serenity….But if two people don’t have much in common, I don’t know how a relationship would last. If there are a lot of core differences, it would take a considerable work, honesty, patience, acceptance and negotiation skills, to make things work. I like being friends with my lover/husband, and wouldn’t want it any other way. He doesn’t have to be my best friend, though right now, he is. Thanks for letting me ramble…..

    • Lucky you, JoAnne 🙂
      It’s an ideal situation to have your best friend as your life partner as well. But when it isn’t so, it’s not easy to maintain balance in our lives between our best friend and husband, both, while not disturbing the trust and faith of our spouse. It can very easily disturb any spouse that their better half would much rather talk their heart out to another man, rather than their husband!

  2. I can imagine how that balance would not be easy. Its good to have some one to talk your heart out to. There are times when it helps to talk to some one other than a spouse. I wonder if learning new ways of listening would help a disturbed spouse become more accessible for some of the heart sharing. Best wishes to all of you.

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