Its pure numbness that I feel right now. Is it my mind which has suddenly stopped working? Or is it me all drained out after having gone through an emotional battle. Or maybe my mind has finally given in to the fact that my destiny lies in someone else’s hands, and there is nothing I can do to rescue myself. I feel numb. Its all silent inside. Its like a choice made by my mind over night. I do not have the urge to be vocal anymore. About my troubled thoughts. My frustrations. My imaginations. Maybe I feel afraid to be shunned down again, being told I am out of my mind. Maybe I am out of my mind. Or am I just taking the easy route of admitting, so I do not have to listen to it over and over again from others.
To admit is the key? Or is denial the best policy? What helps more? What’s easier? Coz I am tired of fighting.


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