Married life…

a bumpy ride, a tousled road, fairy tale and rosy fall,
life with you has been it all,
still a long way to go, still a lot more to see,
still a lot more to live, still a lot more to be,
what you are to me and i am to you,
its nothin near to wat we ever knew,
its a new discovery everyday,
another new facet as we may say,
something different in you, something different in me,
but deep inside we know, that both are as clear and true, as the sea,
just the sands of times making us do wrong or right,
but we blame on one another, increasing our own plight,
twists and turns wrapped in it, love is but anything easy,
but if it is true love we know, it works like hot iron on a pant so creasy,
have faith, will be,
love will always surpass me,
beyond our understanding, the pain so strong,
cant live, cant die without, cant carry on.
it is then that we struggle to make ourselves free,
just to see what it feels to be free,
to leave behind all the hassles and the worries of one another,
but run if we once, we’ll always be a runner,
running away from troubles,
running away from one another,
running away from the love,
but love still follows like a bubbles,
catches our fancy, lets us rewind,
and go back to the time, when i was your and you were mine,
no trouble it was then, just love as simple,
when lookin at each other, created many a ripple,
that’s when we stop, and think,
wipe our teary eyes and blink,
coz love is not but a roller coaster,
if you are the bread, you surely enter the toaster,
but coming out golden brown the bread becomes its best,
that’s how love takes our test,
pass it well or not, but you cant fail it at all,
for love comes to those who believe it will keep them from a fall,
once in love, forever will be,
yours i will, always be


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