I miss her…

… She was a source of love and affection to all of her generations. A source of inspiration for everyone who knew her. A source of hope, that things will be alright, even when she was admitted to the hospital for the nth time! And all she would say when we asked how she was, was ” Main theek hoon “. Be it after an operation, a surgery, or a painful checkup. I dont ever remember seeing a frown on her face. Anytime anyone went to meet her, she would be ready with her warm smile to greet you.

I miss her. A lot. Its been a month and 4 days today. A new year has started. But I am still not used to living without her. And I guess I never will know how to do that. She is in my every thought. In my tears and in my smiles. I wonder what my grandfather must be going through every day, every moment. He was used to her presence, since years and years. I cant see her empty bed. So cant he. I wish some people could live forever!


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