Life… Gift Wrapped!

Have you ever woken up to a day which turns out to be a suprise gift from life by the time it ends? I have. I’ve lived a few such gifts. Havent been lucky enough to get a gift everyday with life wrapped in it though. Some such lucky ones are there in the world too, and I envy them without even knowing them. But in a good way! Coz I feel everyone deserves such gifts everyday from life!

What are these gifts? Could be anything and everything! Could be you getting the news of becoming a dad to a beautiful baby girl, or waking up after a late night party (and a headache) just to know your boss is on leave ;). Or just waking up, in the arms of someone, watching the love in his/her eyes. According to me, these are some of the best gifts in the world. I got one such gift this weekend.

With me and my husband both working, and working late, we hardly get to spend time together. Something I long for all the time. But what I long for more is for my husband, and his time for me. But this weekend gave me all what I wanted. My husband. All his time for me. Me with my family :). Yes! I had it all this lucky weekend. And the best part.. I went out for an amazing dinner with the people I love the most… and also hit a lucky draw coz my husband(who hates going out for movies) took me for one :D. We went for Inception. Was a good one so am glad he didnt get bored or he would’ve come out with an unsaid pact of ” No more movies till an year passes by” 😉 Yeah! Told you he’s not that fond of theatres.
But I am. I am a true movie buff, with the talent to watch a movie everyday ;). Umm.. Me and him are a lil diffrent from one another as you might’ve guessed by now, but I love him nevertheless. For taking me to movies even when he doesnt like them, for playing carrom with me when I am down and out, for taking me to my parents place every weekend, for taking me shopping (with a lil cribbing added of course), for watching How I met your mother with me, (btw he’s just like the funny side of Barney)… well, there’s a lot I can write about. Small things Especially that he keeps on doing whenver he gets time, just to see me smile. These are some of the small gifts in which he gift-wraps life for me and sends it my way! I dont know about others, but I would love to receive such days giftwrapped and sent my way everyday!! Days where life is just perfect. Days when its all a dream come true.

But sometimes, I wonder whether the real gift is him, giftwrapped and sent my way by life. Its really hard to choose what makes you more happy, the fact that the one you love is with you forever, or his/her lil gestures of love which make life worth living.

True love today, has surely become the most prized gift! Rare to find, hard to keep! Why? Because at times, even when we do find true love in our lives, we tend to scare them away, by not loving them back the way they do! We cant keep them, hold on to them, treasure them, treat them the way they are supposed to. But it shouldnt be like that. It shouldnt be hard to love someone who loves you so deeply. I hope everyone who loves someone truly, receives each day, by waking up in the arms of the one they love. Coz people who are in love, deserved to be loved as well!

Here I am, wishing life could make every day as perfect as the weekend that went by.


2 thoughts on “Life… Gift Wrapped!

  1. I wish everyday of your life goes as a perfect gift wrapped weekend…!
    yes i have woken up to a day that turned out to be a surprise gift till the end…although mine does not include a husband.. hehe…
    mine does includes people i friends… !!
    my gift surprise is usually a day when i wake up to a call from you or mansi…n am asked to get ready in 30-60 minutes (and am always late…) coz its a barista day or a movie day..!!

  2. yeah i agree wid u even i wish d same dat her every weekend goes as a perfect gift wrapped weekend… n me waiting eagerly for d special weekend to cum in my life wen i get a perfect gift wat i m desiring from a long time …. keeping my fingers crossed n waiting for d day to come soon …

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