Serene Depths

Deep is always quiet. Not always serene, but quiet nevertheless. Have you ever noticed how quiet we get when we’re thinking about something? And the deeper our thoughts go, the more we go silent. And if you’re in trouble, the same rule applies. The deeper you get into your problems, the lesser you are left with to say. And once you’re in such a deep thought or situation, you want everything around you to go silent too. Maybe that’s what life’s vicious circle is all about. Maybe that’s how it feels to be inside one. Going deeper and deeper, with no sound coming from anywhere. No friendly voices. Noone offering help. No sounds of laughter. Nothing. Nothing to get you out of the deep misery that keeps sucking you in. Nothing to break the silence around you. Nothing to break the silence within.

Its funny how we can suddenly be alone when we need everyone around us the most. Funny how we’re left to come out of our depths all by ourselves. But is it really possible to come out of this deepness on your own? And would it even be considered a deep situation if someone could come out of it on his own? Is silence a packaged deal with depth? Or is it the only option left to come out of it? Keeping quiet to come out, or speaking your mind and diving in deeper… what would be a better option?

… Few more deep thoughts to think about I guess!


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