To speak up or not, 

And what to say,

What’s right, what’s wrong,

And what’s grey?,

Who decides…. who prides, who subsides? 

Those looking, or those in it? 

If you really wanna know,

Then get in it… 

Feel the pain, 

Calculate the gain,

And then let’s see, who’s insane!



Sometimes, you plan to turn a corner, plan something new for yourself. Sometimes, it’s just the tide of uncertainty in life, that keeps you afloat for a while, finally taking you to an unknown destination to an unknown destiny. 

Which one is more uncertain? Which one is better? Which one is safer? Do all your plans work out the way you want to? Or is it better to leave it to destiny to work its way for us? 

The bigger Question I guess, should be, whether it’s worth the risk to shake off the nestled environment and go try something new, something unknown, something uncertain? 


Healing the broken heart…

Another throwback to an old post…

Serene Depths

Jab jab dard ka baadal chaya
Jab ghum ka saya lehraya
Jab aansoo palkon tak aya
Jab yeh tanha dil ghabraya

Humne dil ko yeh samjhaya
…Dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai
Duniya mein yunhi hota hai

Yeh jo gehre sannate hain
Waqt ne sabko hi baante hain
Thoda ghum hai sabka qissa
Thodi dhoop hai sabka hissa
Aankh teri bekaar hi nam hai
Har pal ek naya mausam hai
Kyun tu aise pal khota hai
Dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai

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